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Originally Posted by Tinderboxsky View Post
I’ll put my hand up as one of the visual observers “lurking in the shadows” to quote Glend. Very active visual observer actually, with a wide range of observing interests. I particularly enjoy chasing observable transient events.
Putting all of my observations down as posts competes time wise with all sorts of other time consuming things. Every now and then I get the motivation to post my observations, but I also follow and enjoy the equipment discussion forums, the imaging forums and the classifieds forms and so on!
It is a shame there is not more posting by visual observers.
It is my experience that imaging has taken over as the dominant activity within amateur astronomy. You see this happening within Astronomical societies, star parties and all astronomy forums. Perhaps the one area still mostly devoted to visual observing is public outreach. I do quite a lot of outreach work and thoroughly enjoy it.
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