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Originally Posted by iborg View Post
Hi Sharkbite

I also have an LX90 and very much like your idea. When I search "26650 Lipo batteries" most of what comes up refers to Li ion batteries. Such as in the link below.

Are you confident that you have LiPo batteries? If so, do you have a link?

Hi Philip - oops, you are correct, mostly Li ion at 3.7v (which is what i have, and why i need a regulator, as fully charged they can hit over 4v)

jaycar also sells the 3.2v Lipo 26650 - which may not need regulation?
(I dont know for sure, as i dont know the tolerance of the lx90 to over volt, nor what these things charge to.)

i think i'll start with an exact 12v and see how things go
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