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Originally Posted by CaroleH View Post
Hi, I am thrilled with my new tabletop Heritage Dobsonian 5" for backyard viewing.
Now wanting to take it to a dark sky area (daughter's farm) so the grandchildren can join me in exploring our skies.
This will be a 200km car trip - the final 30kms on a dirt (bumpy) road.
Are there any suggestions out there to retain integrity of collimation? Apart from nursing the tube in my arms - I will be driving!!
Thanks for any hints! : }
Nice Carole
Warmly recommend that scope for beginners.
Heres an article on collimating if you need it
Take steps to stop too much vibration ..and collapse the scope...put it in box with towels etc...and away from hot sun.

Enjoy....keep eyes away from the sun though.

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