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Originally Posted by JA View Post
Chris, there is only one thing to ask yourself: What do you need in a camera that your Canon 600D does not give you? Is it a question of image quality or a question of certain features?


Thanks for all your useful tips and suggestions JA. I've bookmarked the Studio Scene comparison site.

"ll try and answer the question about what I think a new camera might give me that the 600D doesn't. It's been proving a harder question than I initially thought.

Better image quality would be good. Although it might be better to say more consistently good image quality. I've seen some surprisingly good results with the 600D, just not consistently. Much of that is my own fault, but I do feel that a better model would help increase my hit rate. I also own a 7D Mark II and I certainly get better results with that, more often, than with the 600D. It’s more versatile across a wider range.

As I already own two reasonable cameras I clearly don’t really “need” a new one. So why would I “want” one? (Apart from not wanting to waste my wife’s suggestion that I buy a new one…. )

It’s probably a bit like owning cars. I’ve owned a number of modestly priced cars and a few very good ones. The cheap ones all did the legal speed limit, were safe, carried the same number of passengers in relative comfort, and did the jobs that were asked of them. However, the expensive ones were just better all round, often in small but noticeable and enjoyable ways.

And I now realise that’s what I’d like in my next camera. Not a "good value" model or even a specialist ‘sports car’ type of camera but a good quality solid all rounder. I know that I can take reasonably good shots with the two I have, but I also know that if I search for examples of pictures that I will be able to find examples of even better quality shots taken with the 5D Mark IV, especially in particular circumstances. There are also some interesting and desirable features on that model that I’d like to try.

After spending a day or two thinking about it, and both reading and replying to the posts above, I’m now a lot clearer about the biggest reason to buy a 5D - basically, I just want one! I’m sure that I can find technical support for that decision (and already have done in some areas) but the truth is that I’ve admired (and apparently desired) 5Ds pretty much since they first came out. I seem to have been circling round coming to that decision, but it now feels like the right one.

I remember being told years ago of a method for making a choice. You take two candidates and flip a coin to choose a “winner”. Then you wait for a minute or two and decide whether that decision made you happy or sad! If, in your heart of hearts, you felt disappointed then the coin made the wrong choice and you buy the other one! I've been smiling every time the coin says "5D Mark IV".

Perhaps next time I’ll save pestering everybody with all the waffle and just toss the coin.


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