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Narrowing the band

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Originally Posted by strongmanmike View Post
Always like a good portly face on spiral galaxy, even a faint one You're right, this one is not tackled very often by deep sky imagers even though it is a very interesting and shapely example

Yeah but blue looks good and there are a few HII lumps scattered around the arms, so while not a lot, at least some star forming is going on at least

Cheers Mike. One day we must have a go in H-alpha.

Originally Posted by gregbradley View Post
Yes it is faint. I have imaged this one as well - 12 hours too.

I like your colour of the galaxy itself. Those knots in the arms may be globs?

Lots of background galaxies as well.

Another galaxy similar to this one is NGC1232 which is up now as well.

Thanks Greg. We will have a look for NGC 1232.

Originally Posted by DavidU View Post
Super effort that !
Thanks David.

Originally Posted by DavidTrap View Post
Very nice M&T,

Curious to what the blob is at 10-11 o'clock??

And one day I'll get diffraction spikes like yours...

We're presuming the blob is a tidally disrupted galaxy. Colin thinks so too - see below.

Originally Posted by Atmos View Post
The thumbnail really doesn't do the full field justice, so many galaxies smattered throughout the field. Very nicely done M&T! The distorted galaxy around 10:30 in the central field fascinates me.
Thanks Colin! Think of the forces involved. Best to keep our thumbs out of the way.

Originally Posted by SimmoW View Post
Fantastic M&T! About as close to a Hubble deep field as an amateur image can get.
Thanks very much Simon. Glad you like it.

Originally Posted by marc4darkskies View Post
Very cool M&T!
Thanks Marc. We are much encouraged.

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