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Thanks everyone for writing, sorry for the long delay.
I've been testing and running a few things in the observatory, found a couple of things that need modifying. Hopefully i can get them on this weekend and ill post some pictures of it.

Originally Posted by h0ughy View Post
Wow I am awestruck and gobsmacked at the same time

What a sensation! thanks David

Originally Posted by strongmanmike View Post

Well?...after catching my breath Josh....all I can say initially is....Fugg me dead! Mike

Hahaha, I'm half Italian, so i found that pretty funny

Originally Posted by strongmanmike View Post
Unbelievably incredibly impressively amazingly stupendous....

The time lapse of using the crane was pretty cool...hey, I'm still scared but looking at you guys scampering up and down in fast motion made it look pretty benign...

Congratulations on an amazing project, you have certainly set the mark for the top position of amateur observatory construction


Thanks for writing Mike, always find your comments entertaining yeah the ladder didn't fall off haha and the winch worked well.

Originally Posted by DavidU View Post
Wow, just wow !!!

cheers Dave!

Originally Posted by strongmanmike View Post
It's funny, I like many others, have been looking at and enjoying this project progress and have imagined it completed...but man, the final product is even more incredible than imagined...speechless is a well used term but in this instance is pretty fitting. To conceive, design, construct and bring to completion such an inspired concept, is truly incredible...nicely done Josh, you are now the king of observatories aaand by a country mile!


Thanks Mike, high praise indeed. funny you say that, about 10 minutes after it went up, and the crane had left, I stood there and thought... yes, its pretty tall

Originally Posted by muletopia View Post
yes, what you said ... thanks Chris

Originally Posted by DarkArts View Post
Is that an observatory or a launch complex?

recon I could do both

Originally Posted by lazjen View Post
Wow, what a setup.

Thanks Chris

Originally Posted by multiweb View Post
That's an awesome build Josh. Those videos on FB are pretty cool.
I see now how important it was to go up high. That red dust at ground level would be an issue in the long run to stay on top of.

Thanks Marc, yes that, and hopefully up into some steadier air

Originally Posted by dikman View Post
I can imagine quite a few people seeing that and wondering WTF? Spread a rumour that it's an ASIO spy station keeping an eye on China's Mars mission.

and they'd probably believe it to

Originally Posted by DavidTrap View Post

Hope you reap the rewards from your efforts thus far.


So do I David, thankyou.

Originally Posted by Sunfish View Post
Felicitations for topping out.
The time lapse is great.

thanks Ray, I like them to
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