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Narrowing the band

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Originally Posted by Andy01 View Post
Now that is an amazing field - sooooooo many galaxies, of all kinds to see!
Ina addition to the odd one you mentioned, there appears to be a pair of interacting galaxies at the edge of the frame at 2 o'clock.

The hero looks great, diaphinous and ethereal as you say it should.
Just wondering about the star colours though, they look a little "coloured in" at the cores?

Regardless, it's a great image - Nice work team!
Thanks so much Andy. We've had another good look at the stars, and they are as you describe. Silly processing error - trying to do colour balance on an already burned out star core. That is fixable. But the big problem is noise. We need another night dedicated to RGB.

Originally Posted by Peter Ward View Post
I think Mr A. Powers said it best:

"Yeah baby"

Much Mojo in that one.
Thanks Peter, that's encouraging.

Originally Posted by Paul Haese View Post
It's a nice rendering Mike. I did this faint sucker myself a few years back too. I did not collect as much as you simply because I gave up. I'll look forward to you further results.
Thanks Paul. Perhaps we'll get a couple nights of better seeing next new moon. The beastie will be around for quite a while. it's such a nice galaxy (and such an interesting deep field) that it's worth another go.

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