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Hot Night Imaging Techniques

Hot night's are terrible for imaging even with cooled cameras, as TECs struggle to achieve their Delta Ts due to lack of cooler air to remove heat from the heat sink. In the past i have tried to boost the rather pathetic capacity of my ASI1600 fan, by aiming a CPU fan into the intake of the camera fan. This airflow boosting does often seem to help cool the camera case, which can build up retained heat, and allows the TEC heatsink fan to pull down a little better.
I know, from my cold finger DSLR build days, that the size of the heat sink, and it's composition (such as a copper heat pipe type heat sink) achieves better extraction than stock aluminium types.
Two stage TECs might be an option (if your camera is out of warranty) but without an airflow boost, or superior extraction composites, does it achieve much?

So my question to the thermodynamic experts (maybe Rowland) is, assuming a hot night, does the increased volume of air passing over a given sized heatsink, or the case it is attached to, really improve performance or is it a plaicbo effect?

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