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I just brought back an ONAG + Astrophysics 2" Barlow after visiting the USA. The AP barlow screws directly onto the scope port of the ONAG so it goes right into the focuser. My camera - using a T-thread adapter - screws directly onto the imaging port of the ONAG.....the distance seems just about correct to give me f15 from my TEC140.

Unfortunately I was misled by a statement on the spec page of my ST-i guiding camera. The page indicates c mount, when in fact the threads are actually M28.5 female (1.25" filter threads). I bought a c mount adapter to fit the guider to the ONAG and of course it doesn't work. Blue Fireball (in California) makes an adapter (T-03) that will go from 28.5 to T-thread female.

I also found that I can mount my Moravian G2-8300 camera such that it does not impede the guide camera stage at all. To keep the camera from touching the TEC140 nosepiece clamp I am using a Baader click lock extension tube.

Have I tried it yet? No....clouds, rain and more rain, but I will test this ASAP, without the guide camera if necessary just to find focus.

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