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Question Question: Is hand picking subs necessary?

I have wondered for the longest time whether the planetary pros hand pick their frames. I routinely capture 1000 frames. My software (Astro IIDC) analyzes the frames and sorts them into an ordered pile with the highest quality on top. At this point I will select a subset of the top 350 highest quality frames and process those. If I flip through the 350 frames and examine them I notice that some are really sub-par and I wonder how they even got into the high graded group. So I can delete them in a tedious process or I can just skip the manual deletions and proceed to stacking. What I have noticed is that it doesn't seem to make a great deal of difference whether I manually edit further or not in the final processed image.

So my question to our planetary pros is: Do you tediously delete frames out of your software selected group or not???? Or do you simply accept the set of software selected frames as they are?
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