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Originally Posted by Octane View Post
I am, Doug. The STL-11000M will be here within two weeks.

Oh that's rubbing salt.

Doug as you say experimentation is the if those damn clouds would just clear.
Kind of happy with the DSLR myself, sure it has limitations but still a flexible camera for both terrestrial & astro use, besides all that swapping filters would drive me mad.
Drunk & desperate I can relate but to baldy go where no noobie has rampaged before...

Rob I'm looking forward to those dark skies returning, well & truly over these clouds.
I was just thinking of getting external power for the 40D, getting a little tired of swapping out batteries a couple of times a night & there's nothing worse than forgetting to check the battery only to find it cut out as you walked away.

$1300AU for a cooling mod!! think I'll stick with the ambient system for now.

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