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You're on a slippery slope to bancruptcy here.
All above recommendations and advice are excellent. I use the Canon 100 2.8, but if you're really into pixel-peeping, then the Tamron 90mm is slighlty better around the edges, and some way cheaper.
A vote here for the Sigma 150 2.8. You'll DEFINATELY need a tripod as its a heay lens, but the results are on par with Canon's 180mm and again significantly cheaper.
Another plus to this lens is that it can be used as a medium length telephoto, although a slow focussing one. In fact ALL macro lenses can be used as 'regular' lenses often producing results much sharper than gear costing 3 times as much.
And just to whet your wistle, once you're totally hooked and have all the flash gear, reflectors, vivariums etc etc : Canon's Tilt/Shift lenses can also do stunning Macro work, with zero distortion at only $2-$3000 each!
Its a fantastic, fascinating branch of photography.
Good luck and happy snapping.
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