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Mike and all,

I have just realised that I am unable to attend on the 7th May, which is a great disappointment to me and my 8yr old, who was coming for the early part of the night.

Yesterday, I received an invite to a surprise 50th birthday party for my best friend of 30 years. I was really looking forward to attending on the 7th as I think it will be a great night with even more people and with some larger aperture scopes than we had last Saturday. Unfortunately, I can't risk upsetting a friend of 30 years for 1 nights observing, as my wife said, "you can play telescopes anytime (she doesn't understand) but Bob will only turn 50 once !!".

Sorry about that guys (and gals) but hopefully I can attend the next Kulnura Star Party in July. Not sure if I can get to Wiruna in June.

CS-John B
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