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Originally Posted by Zubenel View Post
You are aware that my rig is Az/Alt unguided so tracking is my greatest issue with a proportion of the subs being completely useless due to tracking error E.g Lines ,figure 8's etc. for stars . I've recently stopped going through the subs manually as this can take literally hours and I feel that the software in DSS or Sequator is doing a much better job. So up to now my tracking would have well and truly consumed star bloat .Thanks for the advice . Hopefully with the refining of my tracking I will get to the stage where I can then consider star bloat as problem to tackle.,16766
Yeah, I read the thread. I started on an Alt-az unguided too so I feel your pain with manually going through and deleting an obscene amount of subs because of star issues. The comments on the filter re: star bloom we’re just the part I thought I might be able to offer advice. Keep at it ! You’re doing great
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