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A second camera

I am setting up to run both my scopes an 80mm refractor and a 8 inch Newtonian. Both f5.
I have a Nikon D5500 and a ZWO 1600 cooled mono and seven filters.
I am not sure which scope should have the zwo but I lean to the 80mm for undefined reasons..a feeling...but I think that I should either mod the Nikon or buy a one shot colour if there is something cheap enough. I don't want another cooled mono but my hope is the Nikon modded or a cheap one shot colour will produce pleasing results from one of my scopes. Further the work involved in mono has me thinking that on nights where I feel lazy I could just go for the one colour..sortta like why I like wide fields with just the camera...almost a night lappy and no changing filters and focus.
Any ideas.
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