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Sounds like you just did a 3 star alignment not a polar alignment
After you complete a star alignment ( 2 star alignment is adequate use Alpha Centauri and Hadar which are close to the south meridian but must be on the same side of the meridian) it will say alignment successful then go to alignment then hit Polar alignment , it will ask you to select a star from the menu, select Hadar , the mount will slew to near Hadar , then it ask you to centre it using and finishing with the Up and Right buttons, press enter , it will then ask you to adjust the Azimuth bolt to bring the star close to centre of your cross hair again press enter, the star will move away again and it will ask you to centre using the Altitude bolt close to where the previous position was a minute ago
Then you have to do another 2 star alignment on the same stars Alpha Centauri and Hadar and when finished it will give you a read out of your Polar alignment error in degrees , minutes and seconds ( 000, 00, 00 ) You have to keep doing this procedure until you get your error down to say ( 000, 00, 15 ) or 15 arc sec

Both stars have to be on the same side of the meridian for both 2 star alignment and your polar alignment procedures

Iím writing this from memory but I think itís right

Usually takes me 3 or 4 iterations to get down to sub arc minute error

Another tip is to de focus your star into a small donut so you can centre it more accurately. I find I get better results but seeing conditions dictates your accuracy

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