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I have found a simple hands free solution involving the use of a head touch on a low red setting for a Bintel non-illuminated RACI finder.
Firstly, use the the finder in the usual manner to place the target (star, planet or other bright object) as close to the centre as possible. Just a best guess will do.
With your head torch on and pointing near but not directly at the eyepiece, slowly move one’s eye away from the eyepiece keeping the target object in the narrowing FOV. I find that at about 150 mm away, enough red light is entering the eyepiece allowing me to see the target object and the illuminated cross hair. Final entering is then dead easy.
This has become second nature with a little practice. I have even shelved swapping this finder for an illuminated one. Simpler, cheaper, lighter and avoids the dreaded flat button battery problem.

Originally Posted by doug mc View Post
Has anyone managed to illuminate the cross hairs in a standard GSO raci viewfinder?
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