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Originally Posted by glend View Post
Comprehensive Review Paul, and I can understand your frustration with the quality issues. Given your experience and obvious capability at sorting this stuff out, have you considered simply building your own scopes from now on? Seriously, you get what you want, done correctly. There is also the option of commissioning TS to make it for you, they are offering customisation of some of their line, with you specifying components, etc.
Glen, I reckon next time, I'll get a zambuto mirror, carbon tube and buy the rest of the components as you suggest. I have seen a Zambuto mirror lately and it is sublime and probably the best mirror I have ever seen. I did consider going down the TS custom scope route at one stage. I should have continued.

Originally Posted by OICURMT View Post
You need to reference all the photos with an explanation or title so we know what we are looking at. The fourth photo has me stumped. Third one has me gobsmacked!

Other than that, a GREAT review and I will follow your lead should I ever want to purchase an Astrograph... i.e. "So would I purchase this scope again? Absolutely not!"
Sorted now thank mate. I forgot to reference the shots. I hope it all makes sense now.
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