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The gstar camera is certainly worth a shot (but currently out of stock?). The 1/2" 178 sensor will give more FOV than cameras with the smaller 1/3" sensors like the 224. And your 150mm F5 on the skywatcher mount will be great for it.

I understand that the fan cooling on the gstar helps. Full on cooling is not needed with the shorter subs you use for EAA (<15sec). But - there might have been some issue with amp glow on this sensor, although it might have been another sensor (the 174?).

Also, there's a few newer cameras with other sensors that are well suited to EAA (zwo, risingTech etc). The ASI385MC seems a favourite. Just depends on your price range. Ask on these sites, and have a look as many others have asked the same question:

Edit: I just noticed you have a DSLR. These are fine for EAA - just use EOS Utilities to capture and Astrotoaster (runs on DSS) for live stacking. Try that first. I've used it for live viewing - its a bit fiddly running compared to other live imaging software but very doable. Watch this and others by the same person:
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