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Chris, I sort of over did it.
I designed the column and base to the AS, good enough for anything.
It is solid, hit it and it hurts.

Pics of pier base and column reo, base reo and formtube.

I used 16mm gal allthread and locknuts for pier attachment, welded to the reo with enough protruding for a nut and washer, plate, another nut and washer plus 10mm pr so for access/adjustment. The base is only 1m cubed, so only 2400kg-ish. I did not want it to move at that height.
Because I over do it, even at your height I would still want some sort of base depending on your soil type, it does not take much to dig a bigger hole, its only more concrete. Oh, and more reo, don't forget the reo.

Pier was fabricated; I wanted a tapered pier to mitigate resonance and to give more clearance at the top.
Pics show base ring now separated from reo and the pier halves. These were laser cut from 8mm corten, press braked to shape using the cut notches for bend alignment. I welded the Halves together, then welded the end plates/rings (12 or 14mm from memory).

Pier is solid, wedge is wobbly.

Mike, thanks. It is near Swanpool, south of Benalla. Still working on permanent balustrades.

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