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Hi All,

Originally Posted by gaseous View Post

NGC6153 mag 10 planetary nebula. Not visually exciting, other than the fact I could actually see it at all. It was small and faint with a DGM NPB filter, and virtually invisible without it.
I hold a different view on NGC 6153 -- I think it is one of the most charming winter PNe -- though it reserves its best for medium-large apertures. Nice round moderate surface brightness 30 arc-second disc that is a weak annulus with a relatively large slightly dimmer patch in the centre. In 46cm it displays a bluish hue.
The thing that I like most is the setting -- it forms the fourth and southernmost point in a small diamond (4' x 3') with three other stars mags 8, 10 & 10. The two brighter of the three other stars are orange/deep orange with the other one white. The latter, is a close (5 arc-second) mags 10/11 pair.

I used to often show this object to the public during night tours at Sydney Observatory -- love it!


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