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Originally Posted by AndrewJ View Post
Gday Alex

I may be a bit confused here but the "Shoestring EQDIR" is just a lump that fixes to the mount and you then fit your normal ( rs232 ) USB2Ser adapter to it.
( ie it only converts the rs232 to TTL logic levels and remaps the wiring )
As such, if your existing USB2Ser adapter works into the Hbx using the Synta supplied Hbx update cable, then it should work with the EQDIR.

The "Shoestring USB2EQ6" is a dedicated TTL level cable with its own driver to suit the chip in it, and goes direct from lappie to mount.

The fact the "converter" shows up in device mangler means it is being detected, but we just need to know what it really is ????
ie an EQDIR wont show up there, only the converter will.

Sorry my bad wording, it is indeed the "Shoestring USB2EQ6" that I am using.. So I might drive down to bintel tomorrow and sort it out... So frustrating when this kind of stuff wont work
Thanks a lot Andrew!
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