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Well I have just downloaded the very latest release version of PHD 2 (2.6.2) and like 2.6.1 when you choose the camera there is a specific ZWO option which is what I was choosing. It did not however allow to access the advanced camera features.

I am now connecting using the Windows WDM option and choosing my camera model and resolution from the list. I have also connected the ST4 cable to the mount. I have heard this is the better option anyway as pulse guiding can be slow. I on;y used pulse guiding because tghe ST4 c able with the lodestar is the worst design in the history of connectors!

The problem now is that the advanced camera settings have lots of options I have never set before (never presented with the lodestar) and the help on the ZWO site is hopeless because it is all based on PHD 1.4!

I have attached snips of the three main tabs of the advanced camefra settings. You see I have changed the first one to seconds and set an exposure of 2s

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