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Originally Posted by graham.hobart View Post
Darrin old buddy! where did you get your Televue + adaptor from?
Graham, try Oceanside in the US. Subject to exchange rates, you can time it to take advantage of the rates.

and if you need the T adapter, try

This combo worked a treat with my 40D and I recently just used the Powermate with my DBK for a moon mosaic. I am very pleased with this device. It is also modular so you unscrew the 2" adapter at the top of the Powermate and screw in the T adapter for a precise fitting for DSLR imaging.

I checked their price, and it's gone up slightly. I paid AU$270 which included shipping. This was only 3 months ago.

Try out Bintel too. They are $309 at the moment there but it's local and naturally backed by Aus warranty etc. They also have the T adapter too under the "imaging and accessories" section on page 8.

Good luck Graham!

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