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Originally Posted by Petzza View Post
Thanks for the welcome, obviously you're not meant to drag the icons, that just does not work. GSO or Bintel I believe are the same telescope and are the cheapest I've found in 8" or 10" Dob. But I've been told they can be greatly improved by using better eyepieces. What is a good brand in eyepieces.
Hi Petzza. What eyepieces have you seen? The ones your father has? If you buy a Bintel reflector, you'll get some basic eyepieces - start with them and see how they compare with your father's first. Then as everyone recommends, get yourself and scope to an astronomical club observing evening so you can see other eyepieces. You may well be able to borrow them and compare with the ones you have, in your own scope - or the owner will come and show you. There are a few clubs and observing locations around Melbourne.
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