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Originally Posted by Slawomir View Post
Thanks for the report Bigjoe,

Once the skies clear up in NQ I shall try inspecting Mars with my guidescope equipped with a fantastic 3.5mm eyepiece I acquired from a fellow IISer
Ha, ..Glad YOUR enjoying it Slawomir..I have a couple I use still but prefer the Tak Toe 4mm 12.5 Abbe and Delites as Bill Paolini says at this level not much between em..all Great EPs...yes Mars is Insane right now on a steady night even a C6 with obstruction showed all you could want to see at ~275x..

PS: A Meade 5.5mm is a top Performer here as is the Baader Contrast Booster ..great for obstructed scopes on just about anything bright.

Cheers Bigjoe.
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