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Originally Posted by Paddy View Post
Glad to hear that you've seen some stars Brian. A long time between drinks of quintessence for you! And Ursa Major - alien to my southern telescope!
Trust me I would trade you either the LMC or SMC for Ursa Major any day. mind you J. Herschel catalogued roughly 260 galaxies in U.M. so if like me, you like to chase the faint fuzzies it can be a treat.

By mere chance I find myself living in the Philippines 400 meters above sea level with a fairly good north south sky that on a good night is truly stable and dark. I have caught all of the M-110 and maybe a third of the H-400 with an Orion short tube 4.5' reflector from my back yard... the 8" LB allows me to see a wee bit more.

Last night it was possible with averted vision to catch at 200x in the 8 NGC 2867 which is also labelled H-3163. A truly magnificent planetary nebula which is so tight and compact that J.H. thought he had discovered another planet when he first observed it.

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