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Originally Posted by Brian W View Post
Hi all, last night was a very rare decent night. By decent I mean I was able to go to, with averted vision, mag 10.9 with NGC 3642.

Last night I concentrated on Ursa Major and managed to catch with our 8" dob at 44x;

NGC 2681 direct vision
3310 direct vision
3359 very averted vision
3587 direct vision
3610 direct vision
3642 very averted vision
3718 averted vision
3726 direct vision
3893 direct vision

As well, and for the first time, and I believe time rather than skill came in here, at 200x in the 8" I saw the Cassini division.

As a final treat I lined up on Eta Carinae, the Jewel Nebula and Omega C. For me there is nothing quite as humbling as watching Omega C. slowly slide through the fov at 200x.

As a small aside I saw more last night than I have in the previous 5 months.
Good onya Brian.
Well done, and a great report.

But what do you make of it all ?

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