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Originally Posted by pjphilli View Post
A truly brilliant painting Alex.. Actually I think it may be a painting of your fired up brain!
Thank you...If only my brain were fired up I would be happy...I have not had an invention or hint thereof for ages.
It is refreshing however to indulge this carefree medium.
I knocked out a couple more which I am most happy with.
At breakfast this morning I heard a lady next to me talking art..she was showing her work to others I asked her to critique my work..she agreed and told me that my work as something else..and said that thing I wanted to hear in a medium that is overpopulated..she said my work was a good and sincere way..I don't think I am having myself on but she seemed impressed and admiring of my work....and the great news is she has a husband so I feel we can become is so hard to meet ladies these days who are married..them being married is great news as you don't have to fend them off...but I feel I have made a wonderful new friend.
She gave me her card and asked me to call.
Thanks again.
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