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Originally Posted by Imme View Post
Hi Dave,
Interested to hear what you need?
Is it photographic or video coverage?
Hi Jon,

The goal is to observe and determine the time (in Universal Time), the instant the star disappears and reappears.

This can be done;
- visually using something like the timethesat app. available for android smartphones from the Google store. It's free. There are other apps for iPhones but I know... nnnothing!
- using video. The idea is to take images of the target star as fast as your equipment allows.

PAL usually runs @ 25 frames per second and if you can get your hands on a video time inserter like the old KIWI-OSD or IOTA-VTI then if should be easy to determine the time of the frame where the star disappeared or reappeared.

Determining frame timing of other types of video, like DSLRs with accuracy can be a challenge. There is an app. called Occult Flash Tag that can be used to flash the video at the minute mark and count frames from that reference to determine the times.

You'll need to know the geographic coordinates of your site to complete the observation.
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