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Autfocussing on a budget with Skywatcher motor focus

I'm exploring the option of adding a motorised focuser to my Skywatcher 250 newtonian. I currently use Sequence Generator Pro for my imaging and would love to be able to explore its autofocus feature to keep it in focus during an evening's imaging session.

I see Skywatcher sells a cheap DC motor add on kit, and you can add the Shoestring controller to allow you to control it via ASCOM however I'm keen to hear people's thoughts from anyone that has this setup and how successful it has been. From reading up on SGP's autofocus feature it looks like it's designed to run with the more expensive stepper motor focusers however with FCUSB I understand that pulses sent to a DC motor can be used, albeit not so accurately.

So, long way to get to my question, but will I be able to use the $99 Skywatcher motor focus unit plus the Shoestring focus motor controller be able to perform autfocussing in Sequence Generator Pro?

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