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Originally Posted by Camelopardalis View Post
Glen, as is often the case, despite lots of chatter, there's not good information in that guy's post...jpegs of what looks like a black screen

Not trying to be funny, just objective.

Given the specs of the sensor, it looks formidable, but I can't see a purpose in using 600 seconds subs, or even 300 second subs. I never use subs that long with my 1600
I don't think anyone suggested that 300 sec or 600 sec RGB subs were a good idea. I gathered that the guy who did those darks was looking to stress test it for visible AMP glow.

I will say that I certainly do shoot 300s Unity gain narrowband subs with my 1600, so it is relevant to me in that sense, as I know about 1600 AMP glow at that duration.

Information has to start somewhere, and chatter is the norm. Sorry if I am not sceptical enough, but ZWO rarely disappoints these days.

I would welcome Jon Rista testing it, but it is the EAA domain right now.
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