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Hi Martin,

As an answer to Fullframe v APSc and what differences you can expect, take a look at the images below as a guide to the differences you can expect in noise and image quality. The images are a tiny excerpt from the DPReview test scence.

The first image is from 4 Canon cameras (2 FF, 2 APSc) Canon 6D, 6DMk2, 7D, 7DMk2 in their standard studio lighting. There is unfortunately no specific image for the Canon 600D; however, it uses the same sensor and processor as the 7D so should be the same, certainly no better as the 7D was a higher end model.

The second image is for the same 4 Canon Cameras, except that the lighting is very low in comparison and typical of the challenges you might expect in night street shooting, i.e: the closest thing readily available as an immediate standardised comparison to the ultralow lighting challenge of astrophotography.

I've set the ISO to 3200 even though one probably wouldn't shoot that high, as a sort of indication of what could be expected post processing after a few stops of stretching the exposure.

You will have a smaller field of view with the APSc camera. a factor of 1.6x smaller for Canon.

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