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So, for various reasons I've not had much chance to try out my beautiful new QHY22 CCD, except for calibration testing in my man cave. Last night, at last, I got it all set up and did some experimental shots out under the dark Tassie skies.

The image below of NGC 2070 is the result of only 10 x 5 min subs (median stacked) in H-alpha, imaged with an ED80T. The camera was cooled to -40C, and I subtracted bias but took no darks or flats. The mount was polar aligned only with my polar scope, and I didn't activate tracking (hence the short NB subs!) -- there were lots of other priorities to sort out, and this was almost an afterthought. Still, the result was pleasing enough to tell me that I'm REALLY going to love this camera, especially when I start to go deep (and guided) with my integration!
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