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Originally Posted by multiweb View Post
Hi Ray, no doubt dithering is a proven solution and a very powerful tool to remove noise and to some extend dust motes and other static patterns.
All the processes highlighted in the video aren't bad, but it is a bit rich to talk about noise reduction with non linear data. We might as well stack JPEG files and call it a day hey?
Hey, don't get me wrong, I am not advocating using the Hallas workflow, just saying that the main thrust of his presentation (and the title of this thread) is to do with DSLR noise reduction without using darks and flats - this part may be very sensible.

It would very sad if rejection of some parts of his presentation resulted in an overall impression that this means that the idea of using drizzle to get rid of noise (as an alternative to darks and flats) is equally questionable - it clearly is not. I wonder if drizzle stacking with hot pixel removal might possibly be even better than full calibration in the situation where darks, flats and lights are not fully temperature matched and where there is likely to be some form of low level manipulation of RAW data (eg a modern DSLR). I don't recall anyone ever posting any results either way.
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