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QHY22 or Atik 460EX? Which to choose for Sony ICX694 sensor?

I'm interested in comments from users of these two cameras (monochrome, for both LRGB and NB):

Atik 460EX:


For various reasons, I've settled on the Sony ICX694 as my sensor of choice for my CCD upgrade, and now I'm decided on the 'wrapping'. (I've ruled out the QSI 660 and Trius SX-694 for price and other reasons.)

I've read about some issues with the QHY22 connections (loose). But it cools to -45C below ambient (Atik goes to -25C or so), although I realise the ICX694 is not all that demanding on cooling. Atik software seems nicer but I don't really need it (happy with Nebulosity, APT, DSS and Startools). Both have good desiccant control, and are lightweight so won't be demanding on my focusers. The QHY is about $170 more than the Atik.

But actual user feedback, on these models specifically or QHY and Atik specifically, would be much appreciated!
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