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the SX website tells you how to do it.

Mine SX was misaligned after repairs, so I made up this Heath Robinson jig which worked OK when clamped to the table. beam the laser onto the chip surface and the reflected beams onto the wall. Lock the focuser and then tighten the draw tube locking collar so that it just holds the camera nosepiece while still allowing you to rotate the camera with a little force. I attached the focuser to a thick mounting block with a hole bored in it, but a thinner metal bracket would be even better.

the pattern on the wall will show the two reflections from the chamber window, maybe one from the chip cover glass and the zero order reflection from the chip surface. you can identify that one because it will be in a straight line with the two first order diffraction spots on either side of the central group. You have to adjust the faceplate alignment so that the zero order spot does not move when you rotate the camera. painstaking, but possible and way easier than just adjusting and testing with ccdi. Took me 30 minutes to align mine well enough to work OK with 4.54 micron pixels at f4. good luck.

Edit: just a tip - it is tempting to adjust everything one way, but you can end up with the grub screws hanging on only a little bit of thread and the o-ring loose enough to pass light. if you need to do a lot of adjusting, do it in both directions (this will make sense when you try it)
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