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Sexy is back...

After a little confusion at Starlight Xpress with the shipping of my SXVR-M25C after repair (faulty cooler, condensation in the sensor chamber), Gill sent it back DHL - it arrived just now (3 day transit). Great job from Terry - he fitted the Trius series 2 stage cooler and cleaned out the sensor chamber and resealed it.

Anyway, I need to recollimate the adjustable face plate - it's always been a bit off, but now with the f/5, it's REALLY showing up the tilt. So, oh gurus, what it the best method for aligning the tilt back to square? I was thinking to get the plate back to at least even spacing all around, and then start little tweaks, checking it with CCDInspector after each adjustment.

Or is there a better method to get the camera adjusted?
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