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Originally Posted by E_ri_k View Post
Hi guys, I get these lines/bands in my images with the QHY9. Any ideas on what it could be? They show up in the final image, and are a bit annoying….

They appear in luminous frames, and dark frames, not in the Bias. If you zoom in it appears that there is some sort of pattern below the band, like a checkerboard? And the smaller section above the band looks clean?

I don't think it is an issue with the USB cables, because I'm using the same cables with the OSC with no problems. I will double check though.

I'm tempted to think there might be two problems. The first is the darkest line. That looks like a row read problem or a low sensitivity row. The second are the other lines which look like signal noise - possible cabling etc. My qhy9m has a small column problem that goes away after processing. Might try swapping cabling/ports around. Not sure if this helps but good luck.
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