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Originally Posted by gregbradley View Post
Funny Kelvin.

Not making offence, just found it funny that there is search for loopholes!


No offence taken Greg - I'm just disappointed that I get to take a couple of once in a lifetime photos that I can only enter into one competition. (I've never entered any competition before so the rules are all new to me)

Originally Posted by Peter Ward View Post
It's pretty simple, it you enter CWAS and win (winning images get published), you'll need to withdraw the entry from Greenwich.

But, if you don't do any good at CWAS, the ROG judges may still give you a gong and there will be no "publishing" problem.

That makes good sense Peter - thanks.

Originally Posted by andyc View Post
The other thing I found from last year was that the shortlisting announcement for APY was well before the deadline of DMA, so I could find out which images were not shortlisted. So if DMA is your thing, you can enter your non-shortlisted images...
I'm trying to figure this out Andy ... Deadline for DMA 2019 was May 31st and shortlist for APY was made public June 18. Or were you notified personally well before the shortlist was made public ?
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