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Last night I decided to try my hand at the moon using pastels on black paper. I had not pre-selected a target so startet by scanning along the terminator. From South to North the following stood out.

Clavius: the subject of previous sketches although with the new scope much more detail was seen

Rupes Recta: The Straight Wall. This was the first time I have seen this feature in favourable lighting. It stood out as a clear dark line across Mare Nubium.

Copernicus: The selected target.

North of Copernicus two bright peaks stood out brightly. Mons Vinogradov on the dark side of the termiantor and Mons La Hire just inside the terminator.

Vales Alpes: Also had favourable lighting.

14 Mar 2011 11:00-11:30UTC Moon 9.58days
10" Lightbridge
26mm & 10mm Plossel
moderate wind made for unsteady seeing.

I started by looking around making a few notes.
Twin peaks inside steep steps on the west wall. Dark shadow on the outer west wall edge suggested a steep slope or cliff. The crater floor appeared otherwise smooth. Two bright shelfs visible just below the eastern rim on the inside which was otherwise in darkness. The distinctive bright rays extending out in all directions. Mountains to the north and west. The surrounding area appeared roughed up from the impact.

This was my first attempt at using the pastels for a lunar feature so I was going for an overall impression rather than fine details. The end result is somewhat disapointing but you have to start somewhere. A combination of pencils to define shape and pastels to fill in may work better. And lots of practice.
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