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Question Thin or Flat cables

I'm trying to work out a system of spider vanes for my hyperstar so what I'm after is any USB or power cable that can be stripped down to the bare minimum and make them appear flat to avoid excessive diffractions spikes. I believe RCs and other high-end telescope have that kind of cabling running along the secondary vanes for heaters or focusing mechanisms.

So what do you reckon is the best way to achieve this? I also read somewhere here that flocking a spider vane with thicker anti-reflective material (like velvet) would reduce light diffraction, although the thicker layer would somehow impact contrast in the final picture. If it is true I could wrap standard cables into flocking? Would that work?

Or maybe have one big curve support. But that would be harder to center the hyperstar. I want to be able to center the camera to take the weight off the corrector plate.

I don't know which way to go at this stage. I'm interested in opinions and possibly experiences. TIA.
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