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your photos look great- thanks for sharing them.

I have a Manfrotto 496RC2 ball head and a manfrotto 728B tripod.

from your experience, would the normal pan/tilt head on the tripod be ok, with the 496RC2 between the polarie and the camera?


would you recommend two ball heads
- one between the tripod and the polarie; and
- one between the polarie and the camera

that is, do the fine adjustments available with a ball head on the tripod make much of a difference?

i can get a lighter ball head, say the 494RC2 for between the polarie and camera and use the 496RC2 between the tripod and polarie.

i will be in Leh (India) in a few weeks and was thinking about getting the polarie to use over there...should be able to find Polaris pretty easily up there...

total weight of the camera (D7000), lens (a few different ones) and ball head come in just under 2kg.

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