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Hmm, it says:
The SteadyStar AO Guider with Field Rotator not only makes rapid and accurate tracking corrections to deliver pinpoint stars, it also allows you to rotate the camera and off-axis guider without disturbing the focus. That makes finding a guide star much easier. Additionally, the SteadyStar AO Guider with Field Rotator is an ideal solution for imagers with fork altitude-azimuth mounts, including those used with popular catadioptric telescopes. Since Alt-Az mounts cannot move in arcs to match the apparent movement of the sky, the field rotator will do that for you. There’s no need to purchase a heavy equatorial wedge for your fork mount.
So the add is misleading then.... or they were referring to guide camera? Still unclear/misleading... The text above suggests this is also field de-rotator...
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