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Originally Posted by gbeal View Post
Where did you buy it Peter? And how long ago?
Not frosting at all is it, just a thought?
It does frost up, as they all do. But I try to be sure to assemble it in a warm dry environment and store it in a sealed box with plenty of dessicant.
It's been behaving erratically now for some days, now that I look back. I junked 4 hours worth a few nights ago because the camera just didn't seem to be taking in the light. The 12x10min subs were dark, grainy and just rubbish. And last night, I did 2 groups of 4 x 10 mins of IC434 and with no other changes in settings between one group and anpther (I had a guiding issue which is why I stopped and started) the second batch were noisy rubbish whereas the first batch were reasonably clear and had good data - except for those crazy light shows s in the image on this thread.

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