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Originally Posted by Gama View Post
You guys arent doing much looking, and really should. If you guys did, then you would have found out that the QHY-8 comes with Maxim DL, Astroart, CCDsoft, Video capture and streaming, and Linux drivers. We couldnt get the kitchen sink in there. We hope to on the next version !.

Hi Theo,
I saw all the drivers provided on your website, quite a list! But, my real question is what more will we have to spend on top of a QHY8 before we start imaging?
Do we need to purchase third party camera control and image capture software such as CCDSoft (USD349), AstroArt (USD185), MaximDL (USD399) or is there a simple and free image capture utility available? Perhaps I'm missing something obvious but I want to ask on this forum for the benefit of all. Bearing in mind that the 40d comes with great control/capture utilities included in the package.
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