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Originally Posted by strongmanmike View Post
To cover most deep sky objects and coupled with the right two cameras, I recon you have the perfect combination of scopes there really Greg but aaaand hey, I could be wrong ...I'm gathering Andy is also not in the position to acquire a 17"CDK and a 12" AP Honders with the two mounts and cameras required either...?

At the end of the day, people like Andy need to do the image comparisons for themselves and do them properly ie compare full res versions, allow for image display size, use of AO, type of camera/pixels used and site quality etc. and critically judge the level of difference and be able to differentiate whether these differences are perceived or indeed real and then do what they wish with the budget they have. After already doing this though, I know what I recon

Thanks Mike. I wasn't suggesting though that he should spend mega dollars it was more about the theory that you can get exactly the same results.
Its certainly close but that extra bit does seem to come from aperture. GSO has made large aperture a lot more affordable in just a few years.
Just putting in a different point of view.

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