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Hi luka, sorry long rant,

I have a pdf on the sensor (attached) it's not a full data sheet but it does show the package dimensions. The problem with the sensor is that the pins are 1.778mm (.07") pitch on centre (), not the std 2.54mm, the pins are 25.4mm (1.0") across. Not much uses this spacing and I suspect the 1.778mm is a standard of 1.78mm, used in some SIL and DIL packages (not many though). There is an Element14 package here (that is 1.778mm pitch) but it needs to be cut to make into qty 2 SILs (that should be achievable) as it's row pitch is too narrow. RS has nothing in this pin pitch, digikey does (again this needs trimming as its 21 pins long, we need qty 2, 16pin SILs.

The other issue is most SIL/DIL sockets allow for a pin insertion of 3.683mm (.145") maximum depth. The ICX413 sensor pins protrude 5mm below the package body. Thus the IC will insert and bottom the pins in the SIL socket with the body proud of this (not by a lot).

I have found some "single pins" that are soldered into the PCB and many allow for longer IC leg insertion, like this at element14. But again, we are thwarted. The Pin head dia is .055" (1.397mm) which means the sensor pin pitch is too close, they will overlap! There are no single PCB pins that are small enough head diameter to fit, so, back to the SIL.

Its not a big issue atm but it's something we need to be aware of, especially for cooling and sensor orthogonality. I have the sensor package done...just hope its right. I like to print the PCB at original size and check parts fit before committing to the PCB being sent for production but FADDY's gerbers are obviously correct.
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