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Hi Lewis,
I just tried downloading it myself and got the same file that I uploaded. I scanned it with avast which didn't find any issues.
However just to be safe I have now removed the link.

Originally Posted by LewisM View Post
A word of caution: I downloaded the files from FileFactory at the link above. I ended up taking over an hour removing a browser redirect hijacker that FileFactory's downloader bundled in (with no opt out or even warning). It takes over your search engine, and pretends to be a search engine, whereas it is a strong hijack/trojan. All my antivirus stuff went crazy, and it took combinations of ADW, Hitman Pro and Malwarebytes to get rid of it, and I still have a background program TRYING (but being blocked by MWB) to launch a new search engine. I forget the trojan name, and the "search engine" is Search Guru" - which bundles with other crap too. All software shows it as a HIGH RISK malware/trojan.

Not saying that Hobbit put it there - not at all - it's part of FileFactory's sneaky underhanded practice. They also bundled and rebundled the zip to be zips within zips. EEK!
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