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Be aware, none of any companies "sensor cleaning" or "dust removal" actually works. It's just a scheme which is why Nikon hasn't implemented it because it doesn't actually work. It just wastes start up time and scatters the dust around, doesn't remove it.

Anyways, a D40 is kind of a shame on Nikon. It's a very small body, and very comfortable, but the lack of an autofocus motor clearly disappoints me. The noise control at high ISO's will beat a 300D or 350D any day. The D40's sensor is the newest off the line, and one of the best currently out. ISO3200 is very clean...for ISO3200. You can't boost up to 3200 on a 300D or 350D.

There's a reason why NASA only uses Nikon in space.

You may go for the k100d because it is weather proofed, has an autofocus motor, and the Shake Reduction will null out the shutter slap, but noise control isn't going to stand up anywhere near a Nikon or Canon. I actually heard Minolta has better noise control than any of the top brands.
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